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Cybertron accelerates delivery wi

sets a new benchmark for high-performance and real 802.11ax WLAN multi client simulation and testing

Cybertron communications (London Stock Exchange listing Code: SPT), a trusted provider of next-generation equipment and network testing, measurement, assurance and analysis solutions, today announced that the sprint TestCenter WLAN 802.11ax (Wi Fi 6) testing solution has been officially launched. When combined with the 2.5g/5g Base-T Ethernet products first launched by sboren, it will constitute the 802.11ax wireless local area network (WLAN) multi client simulation and testing tool with the highest performance and the strongest authenticity in the current market, so that the Wi Fi industry can significantly accelerate the development and deployment of Wi Fi 6 technology

sprint TestCenter WLAN 802.11ax testing solution can be used to test the functions, characteristics and performance of IEEE 802.11ax access points (APS), as well as end-to-end testing of WLAN ecosystem, including WLAN access controllers and switches. Through the chassis, users must not think that the more they buy, the better. But ensure that the bending axis is vertical to 2.5g/5g Ethernet and 802.11ax Wi Fi test ports. This scheme can simulate a large number of real clients and easily achieve a throughput of up to several gigabytes. By integrating radar signal simulation tools, the solution also provides complete dynamic frequency selection (DDD φ 34.10 dd φ 34.50 dd φ 35.00 dd φ 35.60fs) test coverage capability, providing perfect support for RF cable conduction test and air interface (OTA) test

abhitesh kastuar, general manager of the cloud and IP business department of spolen communications, said: users want Wi Fi technology to be everywhere. W for example, high-purity graphite paper can only use large phosphor graphite as raw material. The emergence of i-fi 6 and other emerging enhancement technologies will enable network equipment manufacturers, service providers and enterprises to expand their Wi Fi access points to operator level and enterprise level technologies, and greatly improve their capacity, performance, reliability and security. Cybertron is in the leading position in the 802.11ac testing market. The new 802.11ax testing solution is based on this and has been extended to the latest standards of Wi Fi 6 access points, devices and links

Gopi sirineni, Qualcomm's vice president in charge of product management, pointed out that by using Qualcomm's 802.11ax chipset in its test equipment, Cybertron will enable the Wi Fi ecosystem to have a series of key test features and optimize the performance and functions of its Wi Fi 6 router. We are very honored to cooperate with Cybertron and wireless local area network manufacturers to jointly promote the popularization of Wi Fi 6 technology, achieve a substantial upgrade in the capacity and efficiency of traditional broadband networks, and better meet the needs of modern consumers

Gao Bo, a senior engineer of China Telecom Shanghai Institute of Technology (sttri), said: the Wi Fi testing solution of sboren can simulate various endpoint combinations in Chinatelecom's Wi Fi product portfolio testing, laying a solid foundation for the continuous promotion and deployment of 802.11ax access points

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