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Swiss EMS Chemie develops wear-resistant and flame-retardant fibers

recently, Swiss EMS Chemie company mixed its high-strength nexylonfr short fibers with other flame-retardant fibers for the production of work clothes. The clothes made are easy to dye and have improved wear resistance. Here we don't take it as the key point

nexylonfr is a kind of polyamide fiber with flame retardancy, which has similar mechanical properties to ordinary PA66 fiber; The fabric mixed with cotton has high strength; The lo tenure of nexylonfr fabric is reduced from 7 years to 5 years, and the I is 28%, which is non combustible; Its strength and dyeing rate are the same as those of conventional PA fibers. The current data show that; And the fabric has good wear resistance at the end of the experiment. Researchers said that when the mass fraction of nexylonfr fiber in the fabric is 30% - 45%, the wear resistance can be effectively improved and the service time can be prolonged

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