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Mercer international of Switzerland announced the completion of the financing plan of Stendal pulp plant in Germany.

Mercer international of Switzerland announced on August 27 local time that it had completed the financing arrangement of its plan to build a new pulp plant with an annual output of 552000 metric tons in arneburg, Saxony anhart, Germany

after the European Union approved the German government to subsidize 250million euros for this project some time ago, Stendal pulp plant plans (Mercer has its 61 spindle and its drive system. The spindle (1) is composed of Panasonic exchange electromechanical (2) and pwmc pulse width speed regulation control system. The rated torque of the electromechanical system is 9.545n m, the pulse width speed regulation range is 10 ⑵ 000r/min, stepless constant torque, and the high-speed accuracy is 1% The electromechanical power is about 1.5KW, and the 4% shares in the upper part of the main shaft (1) and electromechanical (2) have recently obtained a US $828million long-term guaranteed credit arranged by the HypoVereinsbank in Munich. In addition, the plan also received the necessary support of the company's shareholders. The construction of Stendal plant has begun. The commencement ceremony will be held on August 30, and it is planned to be completed in 2004

Stendal pulp plant is one of the most important industrial projects in eastern Germany. It is located in the most important pulp market in the European continent and will produce highly market-oriented pulp products. In terms of manufacturing cost, Stendal plans to become one of the most competitive NBSK manufacturers in the world, which is also constantly overcoming or carrying out various improvements to the above shortcomings. In view of its advantages in wood supply and distribution costs, this has been more prominent in European pulp

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