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Swiss and German companies merged to create a leading group in plastic manufacturing.

Swiss maagpumpsys (temsag) further improved double high product rate and product quality and performance) merged with German automatikplasticsmachinerygmbh to create a world leading group in plastic manufacturing and processing systems and components

after the merger, the number of employees of the new group reached about 460, with a turnover of about 100million euros, and the existing trademarks are still used. The new group is led by uelith ü rig, the CEO of maagpumpsystemsag. "Through the merger, we can provide customers with high-quality components and a full set of integrated systems for plastic processing, and become the world's largest manufacturer in this field." Said uelith ü rig. The new group plans to increase its current turnover by 50% by 2012

Maagpumpsystems is one of the world's largest manufacturers of gear pumps, filtration systems and exchangers for the plastic industry, and chemical and industrial processes. Automatikplasticsmachinery is a leader in the field of granulation systems for manufacturing plastic particles

"for many years, we have been working together on projects of different customers. Merger is the logical result of two enterprises complementing each other's product range", rogerstehr, CEO of automatikholding, who can't be widely used, explained the merger in this way. In the future, the production plant in grossotheim will also become a center for the installation, maintenance and after-sales service of a full set of systems. At the same time, four production sites in Switzerland, Italy, the United States and China will be retained. The branch in Shanghai needs to be further expanded. In addition, the other five workplaces are led by the group's partners, and the representative offices are located in more than 100 countries around the world. The owner of the new group retains 50% of the previous investment company. Since November 2008, automatikplasticsmachinery has been affiliated with privateequityorganizationcgsmanagement (Switzerland) in pfffikon. Since the end of 2008, maagpumpsystems has become a privateequitybereichderschot vehicle enterprise. The pressure to reach the VOC national standard is actually not a big part of tischenclydeblowers

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