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On April 20, l Scher AG announced that the main technical indicators of the device have reached the international advanced level. The company has confirmed that the newly launched aluva series printing plates of AGFA graphics can work on the UV plate making machine of Lausanne. At the same time, the two companies signed an agreement to jointly promote Agfa: the world will welcome aluva and Lausanne xpose based on CPS! Solution consisting of UV plate making machine. The plates certified this time include energy conservation and consumption reduction, innovation and utilization, positive type: aluva P and negative type: aluva n

Lausanne is a Swiss supplier of hydraulic universal testing machine version equipment, headquartered in gretzenbach, Switzerland. This company has a tradition that different types of plates provided by different suppliers must undergo rigorous testing before being certified, which also ensures the stable performance of their equipment. Lausanne expressed great satisfaction with the plates provided by Agfa this time. They believed that this series of plates were specially produced by Lausanne's UV imaging technology

Agfa agrees. Marc OP de beeck, a senior executive of AGFA who was interviewed by HC printing at the China Print Exhibition in 2005 and now the vice president in charge of AGFA's sales and marketing, said: aluva P and aluva n are specially designed products based on Agfa's rich experience. Our engineering team redesigned the photoresist technology we used in traditional plates to support UV CTP imaging equipment. For users of Lausanne plate making machine, they can get a better quality plate, which also makes the whole system more reliable

this time, the two companies signed an agreement, Lausanne xpose! Users of UV plate making machine will be able to enjoy the excellent plate technology of AGFA at the same time

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