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The technology and application of "mechatronics" in the beverage industry

German packaging machinery is in a leading position in terms of design, measurement, manufacturing and technical performance, especially the beer and beverage filling equipment has the characteristics of high speed, complete set, high degree of automation, good reliability and so on

the packaging machinery produced by some large companies integrates machine, electricity, instrument and microcomputer control, adopts photoelectric induction, is controlled by cursor, and is equipped with anti-static devices. Its large-scale automatic packaging machine not only has a large packaging volume, but also enables the bag making, weighing, filling, vacuum pumping, sealing and other processes to be completed on a single machine. The packaging machinery industry in Germany has been growing steadily for many years, accounting for about 80% of exports. It is the largest exporter of packaging machinery in the world

at present, the international beverage packaging equipment mainly includes five types of filling production equipment, such as glass bottles, easy to pull aluminum cans, composite packaging (Tetra Pak), PET bottles and pet cans (invented by British plastona Co., Ltd. in 1985), and PVC bottles. There is no pet can filling production line in China, and the other four have been introduced or manufactured. The proportion of the above packaging equipment varies in different countries: in Japan, PET bottles account for 11.9%, aluminum cans account for 13%; In the United States, glass bottles account for 42.7% and aluminum cans account for 35.9%

technical characteristics of foreign beverage processing machinery and equipment

large scale, fast speed and high efficiency of production

the 10 beverage companies with a high degree of mechanization in the United States account for more than 70% of the total output of the United States, while the output of Coca Cola and Pepsi accounted for half of the total market. The filling speed has developed from 150 bottles/minute in the 1950s to 1000-1200 bottles/minute now, and can reach up to 2000 bottles/minute to measure the force needed to expand the tear

Microcomputer is widely used in automatic control of production process.

foreign packaging machinery adopts computer to control the process and processing process, and is equipped with various parameter measurement devices, so that packaging, measurement and detection can be completed by one machine. For example, in order to control the accuracy of ingredients, continuous measuring devices such as flowmeter and speedometer connected to microcomputer are generally installed in the production system, and the beginning and end of each process are controlled by computer to control the concentration and flow of various ingredients. The error accuracy can be controlled within one thousandth of the accuracy. Generally, beverage production equipment is equipped with CTP system, which uses microcomputer to control the cleaning process

the material of the equipment is good, and the hygiene and quality are guaranteed in production.

the equipment is generally made of stainless steel, and great attention is paid to the in-situ high-speed and efficient cleaning of empty bottles, solid bottles and automatic inspection equipment, so as to ensure that the product quality reaches a high degree of hygiene

the development trend of beverage filling equipment is to replace the processing and production trend

multi function

the same equipment can be used for hot filling of tea drinks, coffee drinks, soymilk drinks, fruit juice drinks and other beverages; Both glass bottles and polyester bottles can be filled

high speed and high output

the filling speed of carbonated beverage filling machine is up to 2000 cans/min. the filling valves of German KHS company, Sen company and Krones company reach 165, 144 and 178 respectively. The filling valve of non carbonated beverage filling machine is 50-100 heads, and the filling speed is up to 1500 cans/min

high technical content and strong reliability

the automatic control level and efficiency of the whole line are high. The detection device and the metering device are complete, which can automatically detect various parameters and measure accurately. New and high-tech rotating knurled nut products integrating machinery, electricity, gas, light and magnetism are emerging

strong supply capacity in complete sets

such as a beverage filling line, there are more than 200 microcomputer components, more than 100 kinds of control software, and the filling and capping part is a combination of two sets, which are shared by other parts. A supplier can carry out engineering design, installation and commissioning for users, and finally submit them to users for acceptance

simulation design technology will be widely used in the design of packaging machinery. Various machine units will be stored in the computer in the form of database. After digitizing the drawings, they will be input into the computer, and the computer will automatically synthesize the three-dimensional model. Then input the actual production indicators and data, possible faults, etc. into the computer, and the computer three-dimensional model can be operated according to the actual work situation, demonstrating the production capacity, scrap rate, production link matching, where the bottleneck of the production line, etc., and the model can also be modified according to the user's opinion until the user is satisfied. After adopting computer simulation technology, the design cycle and new product development cycle of packaging machinery are greatly shortened

application of mechatronics technology in beverage packaging equipment

mechatronics technology is a new comprehensive technology that mechanical engineering technology absorbs microelectronics technology, information processing technology, control technology, sensor technology, and integrates sound, light, magnetic, liquid and other advanced technologies. The wide application of electromechanical integration technology makes the complex packaging process detection process, detection and control, automatic detection of packaging materials and finished products, detection, display and control of working condition parameters, automatic control and monitoring management of packaging and transportation of diversified finished products simple and reliable. This has brought profound changes to the design, manufacturing and control of food and beverage packaging machinery, and fundamentally changed the face of packaging machinery

electronic control replaces the traditional mechanical control

replace the mechanical control system and mechanical transmission control system of the original food and beverage packaging machinery and equipment with electronic devices, so that the control and transmission system has a great improvement in quality, performance, function, efficiency and energy saving. After the electromechanical integration technology is adopted, the control system is changed to microcomputer or industrial control machine control. The sensing technology and new transmission system make the control system modular and the equipment mechanical modular, replacing the bulky electrical control cabinet and drive system. The number of product parts is greatly reduced, the structure is greatly simplified, the volume is also reduced, and the power consumption is reduced at the same time

instead of the mechanical control system, the computer control system can input each process parameter and relevant data of the packaging process into the computer in advance, and feed back the parameter changes of the production process to the computer at any time through the sensing and detection device. Then the computer calculates, processes, judges and timely modifies these parameters, so as to keep the machine in the best working state at any time

Application of sound, light, magnetic, liquid and other technologies in food packaging machinery

wind and magnetic conveying systems have also been widely used in food and beverage production. For example, due to the high production speed of the PET bottle canning production line, the traditional conveyor belt conveying the bottle cap will cause mutual friction and damage to the surface of the bottle cap, affecting the surface quality and appearance aesthetics. The use of wind conveying can avoid these defects and achieve a satisfactory effect. Due to the magnetic conveying and positioning system, the can sealer overcomes and solves the problem of inaccurate positioning of the previous mechanical conveying and positioning system, The sealing 1:21 speed of the sealing 1:21 machine is greatly improved

In recent years, the high speed of computer and the application of image processing technology make it possible to quickly process the information from the camera. At present, foreign high-speed automatic packaging production lines have adopted automatic detection equipment. Empty bottle inspection machines, full bottle inspection machines, canned liquid level inspection machines and label inspection machines with optical imaging and image processing technology have been widely used in beer filling production lines, and have begun to enter China's beer and beverage market

single machine control to whole line automatic control

due to the adoption of electromechanical integration technology, each single machine in the food and beverage production line can realize servo automatic control, which not only simplifies the structure, size and energy consumption of each equipment, but also connects each single machine to control, forming the automatic control of the whole production line. When the process parameters of any equipment on the production line change or fail, The whole production line can be adjusted automatically to keep the production line running in the best state

for example, in the fruit juice production line, the equipment that realizes the electromechanical integration operation can automatically operate according to the preset process parameters from the fruit loading cleaning, grading, crushing, juicing, filtration and sterilization, filling and fruit residue treatment. The detection device can detect whether the grading mechanism grades the fruit according to the preset parameters; The condition detection and diagnosis system automatically detects whether the production line completes juicing, sterilization and packaging at the set temperature, monitors the condition that the filter is blocked by fruit residue, and judges the time of cleaning and replacing the filter, etc. It not only ensures the reasonable juice yield, but also ensures the good quality of fruit juice

mechatronics technology is one of the most widely used technologies with the fastest development and the most promising application prospects. A river in the village has also begun to float dead fish one after another. The application of mechatronics technology in the development, design and manufacturing of food and beverage packaging machinery. It not only greatly improves the automation degree of single machine, but also greatly improves the automation control level and production capacity of the whole packaging production line, making its competitiveness far more than the similar equipment of traditional mechanical control. It can greatly improve the quality of food and beverage packaging production equipment and improve its domestic and international competitiveness

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