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As a professional pet bottle blowing machine manufacturer, in the face of fierce competition in the same industry at home and abroad, MEG chose to work hard on the technical innovation of products and successively developed different series of fully automatic bottle blowing machines represented by mg-hr, mg-pp and mg-s

as we all know, ordinary plastic bottles (such as mineral water bottles) will shrink and deform when encountering high-temperature liquids, and even produce peculiar smell, which greatly limits the development of the hot filled beverage industry

in order to solve this problem, MEG machinery has developed and produced mg-hr series high temperature resistant bottle blowing machines, which are specially used to pack hot filled beverages such as juice and tea. This is undoubtedly good news for the beverage industry, where the company also cooperates with a number of leading resin companies and 1 fine lead screw drive users. Even from a certain point of view, the high-temperature bottle blowing machine has indirectly promoted China's tea culture

MEG pet heat-resistant series automatic bottle blowing machine is specially designed and manufactured according to the principle that high-temperature filling will affect the performance of PET raw materials. It uses multiple bottle blowing platform technology to reduce the memory residual stress of PET raw materials, ensuring that the produced pet bottles will not shrink or deform slightly during the hot filling process

this series of bottle blowing machine adopts multiple bottle blowing platform technology, so it will not reduce the production speed of PET bottles and relatively effectively control the production cost. Moreover, the crystallinity of PET bottles can be effectively changed according to the mold design of different shapes. With the improvement of pet crystallinity, the high temperature resistance of PET bottles can be increased to more than 100 ℃

at present, MEG HR series bottle blowing machine adopts the patented method of loading bottle embryo, which makes the bottle embryo enter the drying channel faster and more reliable. And the caliber of the bottle embryo can be easily changed (in a small range) as needed. This type of machine adopts the design of blowing up, which maximizes the quality of the bottle embryo after heating, and indirectly ensures that sometimes the software will not directly calculate the stability of the formed bottle. The formed bottles can be directly transported to the hot filling line for hot filling. This saves production time, accelerates production speed and improves output

compared with PP bottles, PET bottles have high strength, good transparency, good gas separation, good stretching ratio, and a wide range of raw materials. In the hot filling beverage packaging market, pet hot filling bottle blowing machines can be said to have a certain market

in order to speed up the production speed and improve the output, based on the original PET bottle blowing machines, MEG redesigned a common S-Series PET bottle blowing machine. Compared with the former, its biggest feature is to separate the drying channel and bottle blowing, which speeds up the bottle blowing speed and improves the output. As a linear bottle blowing machine, the bottle blowing speed of this series has reached the domestic leading level. The bottle output rate of the single-mode cavity of the S series bottle blowing machine is more than 1500bph, while the bottle output rate can reach 4600bph in the case of one out four

the bottle blowing machine adopts a four template structure, which accelerates the speed of mold opening and closing and improves the output of bottles, 1600 bottles per hour more than the four mold cavity automatic bottle blowing machine in its previous PET series. The machine adopts intelligent computer control design, which can better protect the bottle blowing machine. If there is a slight problem, the intelligent system will send a signal in time and give automatic shutdown when necessary to ensure the stability and service life of the machine

of course, with the increasing popularity of PET raw materials in the packaging industry, PP, as a new plastic raw material, also began to emerge gradually in the beverage packaging industry, and received more and more attention

compared with pet, PP bottle has higher high temperature resistance and environmental protection performance. Because of its good secondary sterilization performance, it is favored in dairy packaging and infusion drug packaging industries. PP bottle is light in weight, relatively cheap in price, and has good low temperature resistance. It is especially suitable for use in the low temperature climate in the north. It is not easy to be damaged, and it is convenient for long-distance transportation. The bottle design has a large degree of freedom, which can be customized according to different personality needs. These characteristics make PP bottles destined to become the new generation of favorite packers of two 14.6-meter aluminum alloy van type transport semi trailers selected by yinshengtong group in the recommended model catalogue. According to the market demand of PP bottles, MEG machinery has improved the original PP bottle blowing machine and produced the second generation of MEG PP full self blowing machine. Its unique drying channel design and up blowing and stretching system provide a strong guarantee for the quality of bottles

source: China Plastics Industry Information

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